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There are so many different baby products on the market these days it can be a little overwhelming to know which one might be best for your baby. Am I right mama?

I encourage you to do your research to find the best products for your family. With baby and child sleep being my field of expertise I am often asked what my favorite sleep products are.

To be honest when it comes to sleep the minimal the better. Get rid of all the extra “stuff”, the mobiles, the bumpers, the fancy pajamas, and the cute pillows. What your baby really needs is s firm mattress, tight fitting sheet, and the skills to fall asleep independently.

However, there are a few essential sleep product out there that will help to ensure your little one has the best chance at finding great sleep.

So here you are!

My top 5 baby & child sleep products.

1| Sleep Bag

Using a sleep sack is a useful cue to your child that it’s time for sleep. It keeps them snug and prevent them from getting cold throughout the night and into the early morning hours that are the coldest time of the day. More importantly, It’s recommended from a safe sleep perspective so loose sheets and blankets don’t cover your child’s head. Use the appropriate tog for the time of year to ensure your child isn’t too hot or cold.


My top pick sleep bag is the Perlimpinpin bamboo quilted sleep bag. Their sleep bags are simple, soft and cozy. They have a great fit, and they come in many styles and weights. The 1 tog is appropriate for room temperatures that are 18-22 degrees, which is the optimal room temp for your child. This sleep bag can be used year round by dressing it up in the winter and down in the summer. If you are a hooked as I am on these amazing sleep bags you can use promo code SWEETLULLABYSLEEP20 at their online store to receive 20% off your next order!

2| Toddler Clock

If you have a toddler or older child this one is for you! A toddler clock can be a wonderful tool to help your little one in a big bed, know when it is okay to wake in the morning. If your child is still in a crib but approaching the transition to a big bed, now is the time to add in a toddler clock. This allows you to teach them the boundaries of the clock before they have the ability to move about freely. However, if your child is already in a big bed you can absolutely add a toddler clock to their routine. The most important thing is that you, the parent teach and then hold lovingly the boundaries around the clock. This way your child know exactly what to expect.

OK to wake.

My choice toddler clock is the Mirari, OK to wake. It is simple and easy to understand by toddlers – green means go. More importantly, it can easily be taken on trips to grandmas, on sleep overs, and even camping with the battery option.

3|Black-out Blinds.

There are some really great products out there when it comes to black out blinds. If you’re willing to spend a little then Blackout EZ window covers are amazing. Honestly though, it doesnt have to be that fancy, a thick piece of fabric, dark sheets, so long as it’s DARK! your good.

4|White Noise Machine.

It’s no secret that white noise machines can be very helpful in minimizing environmental noise that may cause disruptions to a child’s sleep. Marpac make excellent white noise machines. The Marpac Dohm and their portable, on the go version Marpac Rohm are my top choice white noise machines for their size, portability and ease to use.

5|Night Light

Night lights are perfect for middle of the night feeds. More importantly, if an older child is expressing fear of the dark. Other than that, there is no real need to have a night light on while a child is sleeping. The darker the room the better. But if your baby is still waking in the night to feed or you have an older child expressing fears of the dark then I always go with a very dim light, either orange or red in color so that it isn’t blocking the production of melatonin. Therefore, salt crystal lamps are great for this, or a small night light placed behind a dresser. If your using a light for middle of the night feeds, be sure to turn it off once babe is fed and back in their crib.

Well there you have it.

All of my favorite sleep products brought to you in one place. May they bring you many sleep-filled nights and restful days.

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